Saturday, October 1, 2011

Unigirl Canada

In keeping with the theme that my photography interests are highly varied...

One of the photography websites that I am a frequent visitor at is designed to be a networking site for photographers, models, make-up artists, clothing designers, etc.  As well as having forum sections to discuss subjects relevant to the different groups, there is a casting call section.  To make a long story short, Unigirl Canada was in need of a photographer and I was selected from the respondents.

I know some of you are thinking, he shoots fish, birds, flowers, deer, rocks, trees, waterfalls, lightning, hockey, golf, baseball, kiteboarding and... young women in bikinis?

The thing that I like about working with models is that it is one of the rare times that I get to focus more on creating a scene, rather than capturing a moment (blah, blah, blah... young women in bikinis).  With just about everything else that I photograph, I do my best to record an interesting/pleasing account of what occurs naturally.  For once, I get to choose my background, control my lighting and actually describe to the subject how I want them to stand (blah, blah, blah... young women in bikinis).

I have a hard time buying that story myself.  What can I say, it is what I do.

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My assignment:

Unigirl Canada ( shoots regional calendars across Canada of university women, including alumni, in their swimwear to raise money for charity (  It's not extremely original, but it's a brilliant concept just the same.  I wish I was the idea guy and not just the photographer.

What I had waiting for me was a half dozen models in full make-up with their hair all professionally done.  And almost as many assistants to hold reflectors, help the girls with posing, to move hair and to adjust bikinis.  A limo to take us to our location, which just so happened to be a 54' Sea Ray. All I had to do was shoot.  The whole time a couple videographers were working in the background capturing Behind the Scene video.

I know, I still hear it too (blah, blah, blah... young women in bikinis).

© Unigirl Canada 

© Unigirl Canada - photo by Ian Brooks
© Unigirl Canada - photo by Ian Brooks
© Unigirl Canada - photo by Ian Brooks

© Unigirl Canada - photo by Ian Brooks

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