Friday, June 15, 2012

Ethan Meleg Wildflower Workshop

If you have been following my blog for any length of time (or care to read backwards in time), you know I'll shoot just about anything.  I enjoy the outdoors, so this post should not be that big of a stretch.  Unless, of course, if you know me very well.  I know absolutely nothing about flowers.  Flower... leaf... stem... and some reproductive bits that I can't tell the difference between.  That is the limit of my botanical knowledge.  My mom is going to read this, roll her eyes and think he doesn't deserve to co-lead these workshops.  I am not there for my knowledge of wild orchids.  I am the Nikon guy.

Ethan, on the other hand, he can yell with excitement "Lance-leaved Coreopsis"!  He can also appreciate a good fern.  He knows the location and blooming cycle of many of the orchids that the Bruce Peninsula is famous for.  His career and connections have gifted him with this knowledge.  Ethan, at the same time, is becoming quite the accomplish photographer.  He has a regular column in Outdoor Photography Canada magazine, has a couple of large photographic sponsors and because of this finds himself doing many public speaking engagements.  I wouldn't pretend to understand all the places his images have been published.  He is the Canon guy.

For more information on Ethan Meleg workshops check out www.

This past weekend, our objective was wild flowers.  Over the course of a couple days, we cover techniques that everybody can use.  We start with light weight, inexpensive light modifiers.  We introduce simple plant and background skills.  And before you know it, I have my light meter out and I am out of control with radio triggered flashes in soft boxes or umbrellas.  Something for everyone.

This year, I saw the nicest Jack in the Pulpit image that I have ever seen!

In between assisting with the participants, I did manage to get my own camera out.  I just couldn't resist.

Western Wood Lily

Canada Anemone
Wild Columbine
Canada Bluets
Yellow Lady's Slipper